British Organisations Associated with Nepal

S.N. Name of Organizations: Website:
1 The Britain Nepal Society
2 Britain Nepal Chamber of Commerce
3 Britain Nepal Parliamentary Group
4 Britain-Nepal Academic Council
5 Britain Nepal Otology Service (BRINOS)
6 Pestalozzi International Village Trust
7 Foundation For Endangered Species
8 The Zoological Society
9 The Kathmandu Arts Centre
10 Child Aid in Rural Nepal (CAIRN) Trust
11 British Red Cross
12 Ting Tang Twinning Associtaion
13 BBC Nepali Service
14 The INCTR Challenge Fund
15 The Britain-Nepal Medical Trust
16 Childreach International
17 The Gurkha Welfare Trust
18 The Royal Botanial Garden Edinburgh


The Embassy requests to all interested organizations to provide full name of the organization and its website to include in the list. If there has been change or the website no longer exist please do let us know so that we could update.