Nepal established diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom in 1816.  Treaty of Friendship between Great Britain and Nepal was signed in 1923 which further formalised relations between the two countries. Ever since the establishment of their diplomatic relations, friendship, mutual understanding, cordiality, cooperation and respect for each other’s national interests and aspirations have characterized relationship between the two countries. The United Kingdom is also the first country in the world with which Nepal had established diplomatic relations. The United Kingdom is the first country in the world which established its Embassy in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. This is the country where Nepal had established its first diplomatic mission (Legation). Nepal had established its legation in London in 1934, which was the first Nepalese diplomatic mission established at the foreign country. It was elevated to the Ambassador level in 1947 A.D.

Embassy Officials

Dr. Durga Bahadur Subedi

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

Mr. Sharad Raj Aran

Counsellor/DCM Spokesperson and Information Officer

Phone: 02072291594

Col. Pradeep Jung KC

Military Attaché

Phone: 02072291594


First Secretary

Mr. Bhupendra Ghimire

Third Secretary

Phone: 02072291594

Mr. Tejendra Regmi


Phone: 02072291594

The Embassy of Nepal in London was established as legation in 1934 when Nepal and the United Kingdom decided to exchange Ministers Plenipotentiary and envoys Extraordinary in each other’s Court. It was Nepal’s first ever diplomatic mission anywhere in the world. The mission was fully upgraded at the Embassy level when the status of the representatives were promoted at the Ambassadorial levels in 1947. Since the establishment, following dignitaries have made distinguished service in this Mission:

  • Chief of Missions
  • Deputy Chief of Missions
  • Military Attachés
  • First/Second Secretary
  • Third Secretary /Attaché
  • Name Year Cardinal Number
    Ambassador Dr. Durga Bahadur Subedi 2016 onwards 20th
    Ambassador Dr. Suresh Chandra Chalise 2010- 2014 19th
    Ambassador Mr. Murari Raj Sharma 2007- 2009 18th
    Ambassador Mr. Prabal S.J.B. Rana 2003-2006 17th
    Ambassador Dr. Singha Bahadur Basnyat 1997-2003 16th
    Ambassador Mr.Surya Prasad Shrestha 1992-1997 15th
    Ambassador Maj.Gen. Bharat Kesher Simha 1988-1992 14th
    Ambassador Mr.Ishwari Raj Pandey 1983-1988 13th
    Ambassador Mr. Jharendra Narayan Singha 1979-1983 12th
    Ambassador General Kiran S.J.B. Rana 1974-1978 11th
    Ambassador Colonel Upendra Bahadur Basnyat 1969-1974 10th
    Ambassador Mr.Ishwari Raj Mishra 1966-1969 9th
    Ambassador Mr. Kali Prasad Upadhaya 1961-1965 8th
    Ambassador Professor Ram Prasad Manandhar 1957-1961 7th
    Ambassador Mr. Daman S.J.B. Rana 1954-1957 6th
    Ambassador General Shankar S.J.B. Rana 1949-1954 5th
    Ambassador General Kaiser S.J.B. Rana 1947-1949 4th
    Minister General Singha S.J.B. Rana 1939-1947 3rd
    Minister General Krishna S.J.B. Rana 1936-1939 2nd
    Minister General Bahadur S.J.B. Rana 1934-1936 1st
  • Name Year Cardinal Number
    Mr. Sharad Raj Aran 2016- Present 20th
    Mr. Tej Bahadur Chhetri 2012-2016 19th
    Mrs. Ambika Devi Luintel 2011-2012 18th
    Mr. Jhabindra P. Aryal 2007-2011 17th
    Mr. Dipendra P. Bista 2003-2007 16th
    Mr. Hari K. Shrestha 1999-2003 15th
    Mr. Prahlad K. Prasai 1995-1999 14th
    Mr. Madhab P. Khanal 1991-1995 13th
    Mr. Badri P. Khanal 1987-1991 12th
    Mr. Prabal S.J.B. Rana 1982-1987 11th
    Mr. Mohan B. Pandey 1979-1982 10th
    Mr. Bhanu Prasad Thapalia 1975-1979 9th
    Mr. Kedar Prasad Koirala 1971-1975 8th
    Mr. Bharat Raj Rajbhandari 1961-1965 7th
    Mr. Jharendra Narayan Singha 1957-1961 6th
    Mr. Ram Prasad Manandhar 5th
    Sardar Bhim Bahadur Pande 4th
    Mr. Narendramani Acharya Dixit 3rd
    Mr. Manmohan Singh 2nd
    Subba Gunjaman Singh 1st
  • Name Year Cardinal Number
    Col. Pradeep Jung KC 2014- Present 23rd
    Col. Bishawnath Ghimire 2011- 2014 22nd
    Brig Gen. Gyanendra Jung Rayamajhi 2008- 2011 22nd
    Col. Himalaya Thapa 2005-2008 21st
    Lt. Col. Amod N. Rana 2002-2005 20th
    Lt. Col. Mohan B. Basnyat 1999-2002 19th
    Lt. Col. Indra B. Karki 1996-1999 18th
    Lt.Col. Chhatra Man Singh Gurung 1993-1996 17th
    Lt. Col. Lili Jang Gurung 1989-1993 16th
    Lt. Col. Bajra Gurung 1986-1989 15th
    Lt. Col. Chitra B. Gurung 1983-1986 14th
    Lt. Col. Shanker Bikram Shah 1980-1983 13th
    Lt. Col. Digamber S J B Rana 1976-1980 12th
    Lt. Col. Madan Krishna Kharel 1973-1976 11th
    Lt. Col. Narayan Chandra Malla 1970-1973 10th
    Lt. Col. Samundra B. Thapa 1967-1970 9th
    Lt. Col Bharat Kesher Simha 1964-1967 8th
    Col. Singha Pratap Shah 1961-1964 7th
    Col. Rabi S J B Rana 1957-1961 6th
    Maj. Gen. Sridhar S J B Rana 1951-1957 5th
    Col. Surya Jung Thapa 1949-1951 4th
    Maj. Padam B. Khatri 1947-1949 3rd
    Lt. Col Yagya B. Basnet 1937-1946 2nd
    Col. Sovag Jung Thapa 1934-1937 1st
  • Name Year Cardinal Number
    Mr. Narayan Prasad Wagle 2017-2017 1st
  • Name Year
    Bhupendra Prasad Ghimire 2016 – Present
    Tejendra Regmi 2016-Present
    Babukaji Dangol 2012-2016
    Surya Bahadur Thapa 2011-2015
    Khimananda Bhusal 2008-2012
    Ganesh Adhikari 2007-2011
    Rununoo Chapagain 2006-2007
    Lawa Subedi 2004-2008
    Mohan Basnet 2002 – 2006
    Nara Bahadur Thapa 2000-2004
    Rameshwer Poudel 1998-2002
    Bishwo Prasad Paneru 1996-2000
    Chandra Bahadur Maharjan 1994-1998
    Gopi Krishna Lamichhane 1992-1996
    Rameshwor Poudel 1988-1992